Christina Laskowski was just one of the many bright minds in the Silicon Valley ecosystem of entrepreneurs and venture capitalists that helped turn Northern California into the world’s center of technology innovation.

But like most in California, Laskowski, née Rodriguez, was not born in the United States. Like millions of others, she moved with her family to chase the American Dream, which brought her into the same environment that helped shape companies like Apple, Google and Facebook.

In 2007, Laskowski together with fellow Filipino-born, Ivy league-educated Americans—all members of the Cory-era Philippine Science and Technology Advisory Council-Silicon Valley chapter (STAC-SV)—decided that their talents should be brought to where they were needed the most: the Philippines.

“We wanted to reverse the brain drain in the Philippines,” said Laskowski, STAC-SV’s president.

After five years of work, STAC-SV is seeing the fruits of its labor. The group recently organized ON3, the Philippines’ first technology “pitch” competition.

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