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The Science and Technology Advisory Council, Inc. (STAC SV) of the Silicon Valley and San Francisco Bay Area is an active group of experienced professionals and businessmen and women with particular expertise in important areas of science and technology.  It was organized to assist in the social and economic development of the Philippines.  In 2009, the organization entered in an agreement to help develop an ecosystem that would support entrepreneurship, foster innovation, and accelerate participation of science and technology related companies in the global markets.  The main activity of STAC SV is its ON3 program. 

The original concept behind organizing STAC began in the late 1980s when the Department of Foreign Affairs in the Philippines aggressively sought to identify and recruit Filipino expatriates living and working in the U.S. and other countries who had acquired substantial technical and management experience in industry, and most importantly, who were personally interested in helping Philippine economic development through transfer of technological know-how back to the home country. 

Today, STAC SV is organized formally as a non-profit California corporation, having state and federal tax-exempt status (under I.R.C section 501c(3)). The corporation is fully operational as a charitable/educational institution which is governed by an elected Board of Directors and Officers under a comprehensive set of Articles and By-laws.