The Team

 Our Team Consists of members who devote their "spare" time to the mission of STAC SV.  Many are entrepreneurs themselves and extremely passionate about what they do including their role with STAC SV.


Our Fearless Officers and Partners



DENNIS FERNANDEZ is our brain and visionary.  He has a unique skill to identify opportunities 10 to 15 years from now and has a patent portfolio to prove it.  He has accumulated more than twenty-years experience in Silicon Valley and High-Tech Industry, as a patent prosecutor and intellectual property litigator, a venture capitalist, and an engineering manager. He specializes in developing offensive and defensive patent strategies for start-up electronics, software and biotech companies and their investors. Previously Dennis served on a consultancy with the United Nations Development Programme on Asian economic development. Dennis is also an inventor of several U.S. and international patents in the areas of digital television, sensor networks, and bioinformatics. He has an Electrical Engineering degree from Northwestern University, a law degree from Suffolk University Law School, and is a Registered U.S. Patent Attorney.

His activities in the Philippines includes serving as a TOKTEN recipient and the Managing Partner of Walden VC's Manila office in the late 1990s. 


M. CHRISTINA LASKOWSKI is our eternal optimist and aggressive driver who focuses on the road ahead.  It is no surprise why she loves to drive on the Autobahn and help drive success of the organizations she works with.    On the professional front, Christina is Founder and Managing Director of Alquemie Partners and a Managing Director of ValuQuest INTERNATIONAL (VQI), a boutique providing operations consulting and M&A expertise to growth and start-up clients.   Previously, Christina spent more than a decade working with various San Francisco based boutique investment banks focused on emerging growth companies.  

Christina is an entrepreneur at heart.  In July 2012, she will file for her first patent application.  She serves on the advisory board of University of San Francisco's entrepreneurial program and is President of the Science & Technology Advisory Council - Silicon Valley. She is a community member of ASTIA, a contributor to, and an advisor to the Filipino Entrepreneurs Network. She previously served as a Marin County Regional Board Member for Women’s Initiative for Self Employment and was an active member of Forum for Women Entrepreneurs & Executives.   She received her B.S. Finance from the McLaren School of Business at the University of San Francisco. 

In October 2011, Christina was presented the "100 Most Influential Filipinas in the U.S." Award- Leaders & Pioneers Category and April 2010, she was presented a Golden Heart Award, Rank of Grand Officer by Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Christina is also a proud awardee of the DOST|DTI Balik Scientist program for 2010/2011.

Vice President

JOJO FLORES is our ON3 Leader and our "Clemenza", the most loyal, dedicated and dependable Right Hand guy of Godfather's character Don Corleone.  The Philippines is his Godfather and he serves it well.   He joined STAC SV's board in 2010 and was instrumental in forging the strategic relationship with Plug and Play Tech Center in Sunnyvale where he serves as a co-founder and VP, Operations.  Plug and Play is a leading accelerator in Silicon Valley that provides proprietary services including University Programs and VC events to its 300+ international and local start up community.    Plug and Play is also the destination where our national ON3 business pitch competition winners will have a chance to immerse themselves for three (3) months.  In addition to Jojo's senior operational skills with PnP and STAC SV, you will note that he is an avid golfer, talented singer and a successful entreprenuer having built a profitable business in the Philippines which was subsequently sold to a leading beverage company. 


KATRINA MONTINOLA is our chief engineer, talent officer and serial entrepreneur.  She has an eye for engineers and a unique skill to get them to work seamlessly which we hear is quite a challenge.  She serves as VP, Engineering at Archimedes and is responsible for the software implementation of the Archimedes Model.  Katrina joined Archimedes in November of 2006 and built the Software team, which consists of an Architect, Software Engineers, Quality Assuarance Engineers, Product Managers, and IT/Desktop Support Engineers.  The Software team's goal is to transform the model into an industrial strength Internet application.  Prior to Archimedes, Katrina held senior management positions at Agile Software, ChemConnect, E-Stamp, PointCast and Oracle.  She is a named inventor on two (2) software patents. 


ESTELLA LULUQUISEN is our treasurer and analytical operations specialist.  She has over 16 years of hands-on experience with start-up companies and currently serves as co-COO of Integrated Home Systems.  In addition to managing IHS’ operations, she has managed many major AV projects for IHS and has special expertise in residential and commercial lighting design. Her experience also includes performing research at NASA Ames and operational roles at start up companies such as Digital Think.   Estella holds a Masters Degree in Operations Research from Stanford University and an undergraduate degree from the University of San Francisco.

General Counsel

DENNY S. ROJA, ESQ.  is our contract specialist, chief networking officer and diplomat.  He serves as Managing Director and Founder of ValuQuest INTERNATIONAL,  a boutique based in Palo Alto providing operations consulting and M&A expertise to growth and start-up clients.  Prior to VQI, Denny was Managing Partner and General Counsel of Acuity Ventures, an early stage venture capital fund based in Silicon Valley.  He previously served as an investment banker and Head of Mergers & Acquisitions for General Foods.  In this capacity, he negotiated and closed more than fifty merger & acquisition, strategic alliance and financing transactions.  He served as Executive Vice President and Managing Director of Harris Roja Corporation, an investment banking firm specializing in high technology mergers & acquisitions, strategic partnerships and business valuations as well as Principal of NewCap Partners, Inc.

Denny received an M.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Washington, an M.B.A. in Finance from Stanford University Graduate School of Business and J.D. from Fordham University Law School.  He also attend Georgia Tech as National Science Foundation Fellow.  He holds Series 24, 27, 62 and 63 securities licenses.  Denny was selected as a 2010 Fellow by the American Leadership Forum of Silicon Valley.  In 2000, Denny was inducted into the Stanford University Alumni Multicultural Hall of Fame. 

Denny is also a proud awardee of the DOST|DTI Balik Scientist program for 2010/2011.

Board Members

ANGELA CHENG is our Events guru.  She has a knack for securing a venue and audience at the last minute.  During the day, she serves as a research analyst at Whitman Capital covering the technology sectors including storage, networking, search, e-commerce, cloud, and solid state lighting. Her other volunteer efforts include managing press coverage for a music site and organizing alumni events as President for Cardinal Young Alumni. She previously worked at NASA, Agilent Technologies, Sandia National Laboratory, Virtual Human Interaction Lab, Monte Polizzo Archaeology Project, and Manipulation of the Atom. Angela studied Physics, Economics, and Materials Science at Stanford University.

BEATRICE DURAN is a our Eastern Visayas chief informant and DOST link.  She served as a former Regional Director of the Department of Science & Technology.  In the late 1990s and early 2000s Betty served as Project leader for STAC SV's initial projects including the Computer Literacy Project (CLiP) and Science & Technology inter-island (STir), a traveling exhibit of interactive science learning and teaching material.  Betty currently acts as a liason with our partners' DOST and DTI regional offices in Eastern Visayas.    She also generously spends time involved with technology and social services for seniors in the San Francisco Bay Area and regularly participates in medical missions to the Philippines.   

Chief Navigators and PHL Working Group Partners In Silicon Valley

(Without them we would be lost; there are afterall 7,107 islands and 91 million people in the Republic) 

CONSUL GENERAL MARCIANO PAYNOR, JR. is our Filipino heart and soul who connects the dots and insures that commitments are met and executes gracefully.   He smiles at every meeting and generously offers his time in the US and Philippines for STAC SV events.  He serves as Philippine Consulate General in San Francisco.  He has a distinguished career representing the Philippines and the interest of Filipinos and their communities around the world with positions including representation in Budapest, Hungary and Israel.  He has served as Chief of Presidential Protocol for former Philippine President Fidel Ramos, Consul General in Los Angeles with a concurrent designation as Presidential Assistant for State and Foreigh Visits.  He resumed the position of Chief of Presidential Protocol in 2006 serving President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and in 2007 joined the Consulate office in San Francisco. 

MICHAEL ALFRED V. IGNACIO is our linguist.   He is a man of many words as he speaks many languages.  Michael is fluent in Spanish, French and Four (4) Filipino dialects  and conversant in Italian, Catalan and Portugese.  When he is not helping us understand the communication protocol within the trade office,  he is promoting trade between nations.  Michael assumed office as Trade Commissioner at the Philippine Trade and Investment Center in Silicon Valley on December 1, 2011, the Commercial Section of the Philippine Consulate General in San Francisco, California and the Embassy of the Philippines in Washington DC.  Prior to this current assignment, Michael served as Commerical Attache' and Director of Philippine Trade and Investment Center in London from April 2009 to December 2011, following a year and 3 months in the same capacity as Commerical Attache' and Director in Brussels, Belgium.  In Belgium, Michael's main responsibilities included Trade and Investment Promotion and Trade Policy Negotiations in the interest of the Philippines' priority business sectors in relation to the European Union.  Michael holds a Masters in International Business from the IEI (Instituto de Economia International) of the Universidad de Alicante in Spain. 


Industry Advisors


MARGARITA CHAVEZ, ESQ is a former STAC SV board member and a Director with Abbott Biotech Ventures, the venture arm and subsidiary of Abbott Biotech Laboratories.   Previously, Margarita served as legal counsel to Abbott Biotech overseeing divestitures of portfolio patents.  Before joing Abbott, Margarita served a corporate attorney with Brobeck, Phleger and Harrison in Silicon Valley. 

INA CU-UNJIENG  is our PR guru.  She serves as a Principal of IC Communications, a PR and communications firm serving technology and biotechnology growth companies.  Ina previously served as Director, Investor Relations for Depomed, a publicly traded biotechnology company based in the SF Bay Area.  Prior to Depomed, Ina served in various Investor Relations management roles for several publicly traded biotechnology companies.  She held the Associate Director, Investor Relations position with Cell Genesys and was a Senior Investor Relations Manager with Abgenix and Coulter Pharmaceutical.   

Online Gaming and Entertainment

RON SCHAFFNER is our electronic gaming and entertainment executive.  Technology and entertainment go hand and hand afterall.  He serves as Director of New Business Development at Sony Computer Entertainment America.  In 2005, he opened the The Studio of Secret6, Inc, a Manila-based art outsourcing studio, which now develops games for Iphone and Flash platforms.  Previously Ron was Director of Business Development at Macrovision and was a system engineer at Amdahl.  He recieved a B.S. Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign) and an M.S. Electrical Engineering from Santa Clara University